Considerations for the future EA Board

Proposing party: Darlene Svamvur


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  1. Word description that goes with the image

    You need a varying degree of skills and experience to make a board successful in strategic direction and governance of today. The board should always be looking at the greater good and providing for its members from grassroots level to international representation – but are not subject matter experts in all the disciplines.

    Taking in mind the way in which States and Territories work, my recommendation for the governance of the sport is as follows.

    The EA Board overseas governance at the national level. Manages International liaisons, National & International Competitions, National funding / grants, AIS liaison (may be more)

    EA Board made up of

    -a representative from each Discipline nominated by the National “Sport” Committee (I.e. Jumping)
    -2 nominated Equestrian Skills Based Directors
    -3 Skills Based Directors (not required to be Equestrian)
    -Secretary Position (FTE?)

    The EA National “Sport” Committee (i.e. jumping) overseas governance of rules and management of that discipline.

    Sport made up of

    -Representative from each State / Territory
    -Proxy from each state / Territory
    -Secretary FTE from EA

    I’ve attached a visual representation feeding from a local Jumping club through to state (Tas) feeding into national hopefully explaining the above. This is just a very basic overview and would need detailing. However it allows each state to operate as it’s own identity with constitution and funding, but represents a national committee and board.

  2. I agree that the State boards should be made up of the Chairs of each discipline – this would allow greater understanding of what is going on from a discipline level and back down from board to discipline level

  3. Thank you for taking the time to develop this proposal, I think your proposed composition of a national board addresses the representative and skills based requirements but will 12 people be too many? I’m not sure what the “Sport made up of” structure means why is a Proxy as well as representative from each state required?

    • At least with 12 it may be a more open, and unbiased decisions will be made and a true representation of the sports and governance can be achieved.

      Proxy’s are for the purpose of still having a representative if the member is unable to attend given we normally have full time jobs on top of supporting our sports.

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