Considerations for the future EA Board

Proposing party: Engaged Members


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  1. Congratulations on your well thought through proposal.
    I like the principles behind your Board appointments but wonder why you think nominations need to be vetted by the Board rather than putting them to the membership? Even the skills based positions could be filled by nomination, plenty of accountants, lawyers and auditors ride. Also you might consider that one, three year term may be a bit short for a Director to come up to speed and make a real contribution.

  2. To me this submission promotes a professional management structure covering all the entities required to run a successful sports business. The many benefits are listed.

    Once a decision on structure has been adopted, then is the time to consider options for board composition, fee structure, implementation time table, using the expertise available to the sport administrators and which might include some or all of this group’s suggestions.

  3. I like this model. I like that the board vets the nominations, so long as the membership are given the chance to vote and select which nomination is selected.

  4. I like this Option for most of it

    I would want to see the workings of the membership structure and what the cost would be for membership – as an eventing member – if we had to join 3 disciplines what would the cost be, considering eventing is the most expensive sport to run already – what would an eventing member need to pay to join all three.

  5. I worry that the election of 6-8 board members by all the EA members will skew the composition of the board in favour of the states with the largest memberships. If you are going to have 6-8 members, why not have one elected by the members in each state, based on the expertise required to operate a national body? Any gaps in expertise could then be filled by nomination or secondment.

  6. Many things to like about this proposal. I think the head COO and Head of Integrity and HR are two roles that really could be done by senior team leads reporting directly to the CEO – they don’t need another layer of administrative costs in that area. Discipline based is really good for members and I believe with some tweaking, this proposal is one of the most robust. I think if board members also had an Equestrian interest check, and members should be able to elect Board members based on equestrian merit.
    Why couldn’t horses and riders be National body registered but buy performance cards for each discipline with a portion of the membership funds divided up based on the number of performance cards issued by the Disciplines? Solves any queries regarding mutliple registrations and memberships

  7. Thanks for taking the time to draft this proposal, Im not sure I understand yet how this structure will operate. You seem to be proposing that people are members of their preferred discipline first rather than their state, is that correct? Have you costed this model to see how it will affect the conduct of all sports in each state?

  8. Good proposal, and I support moving away from state based representation to discipline base representation along with other functions

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