Considerations for the future EA Board

Proposing party: Eventing WA


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  1. Cannot see that this model includes the members ‘voice’ here.

    • I Totally agree with Sandra

    • I agree also.

    • Each of the levels that feed upwards are elected by the members ie State Discipline committee – elected by members which feeds to the State council, and also National discipline committees which feeds to the board.

      We must ensure that each state is equally represented

    • Updated model uploaded to take Sandra, Chloe and Alysha’s comments

  2. This model for the Disciplines still takes into account to much State administration – why bother to have national discipline boards and then clog them down with State red tape. Let the clubs deal directly with the national body.

    • Updated model uploaded in response to your comments

  3. Thank you for preparing your proposal. It does not look much different from the current model (that’s not necessarily a bad thing), it appears that the methods used to be elected is slightly different. There are still roles for state boards – particularly where there are state legislation & regulations that differ (eg child welfare, WHS) although there is no need for much of the administration related to membership to be serviced in each state.

    • Updated model uploaded in response to your comments

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