The Administrators of Equestrian Australia Limited welcome your input in designing the pathway for the future of the national Equestrian body of Australia.

Members voted in favour of the Administrators’ proposed Deed of Company Arrangement (‘DOCA’) at the Second Meeting of Creditors on 14 July 2020, which was subsequently executed by the Deed Administrators on 16 July 2020. The Deed Administrators are now focussed on delivering the objectives of the DOCA. To this end, they are proactively engaging with the State Branches to enact constitutional reform for Equestrian Australia.

A Special General Meeting has been convened for Tuesday 15 September 2020. At this meeting, the State Branches will consider a special resolution to amend the constitution of Equestrian Australia, which will serve as a platform to reform EA’s current governance structure, in line with the DOCA.

The DOCA will allow for:

  • A ‘one member, one vote’ approach, as well as facilitating member participation in EA General Meetings electronically.
  • The appointment of a new independent, transitional board for EA.

The new independent, transitional board of EA will engage with members and stakeholders to determine the most appropriate and sustainable operating structure for EA and the sport. This is not for the Administrators to decide. Members, creditors and stakeholders need to have their say.

We have created EA Engage for members and creditors to have a say on the future operating structure of EA. Constructive and considered feedback is encouraged. Whilst the ultimate structure might not please everyone, the process is open, transparent and democratic, which will create the foundation for a stronger and stable EA which is in the best interest of the sport.

The ‘Options’ proposed below, and subsequent member feedback, are for the benefit of the transitional board, and will be for consideration of the transitional board should the Company enter into the Administrators’ proposed DOCA.

Feedback that is offensive, abusive or anonymously posted will not be tolerated. You may not agree with the views or opinions of others, but they must be respected.






OPTION D – State Boards' proposed DOCA







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